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Jun Pyo was totally amazing, a great group of guys as F4. I've watched this many times, I been replaying it too. Also the cast is amazing and the main characters are both really attractive and yeah I fell in love with the guy from another star. The comedy scenes are very natural I love it so much My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox Shin Min Ah is the most beautiful actress Its very different from what you watch everyday. There's so much ACTION, love, and it's just so exciting. Lee minhoo is the besttt Full House Love this drama. I hope that they will be real couples in real life. Such a beautiful story with great actor and actress. What's best from this drama is that it really have the heartwarming feeling. I will be bluntly honest and say that you won't like this drama. I love dramas where there's a strong plot and when there's a guy main character. Master's Sun Nice story to watch..storyline different from others.. The chemistry between the leads is sizzling hot, you can see their chemistry on and off-screen and at one point, I even thought they were truly dating - they seem like in their own small world of love - a definite definite must see!