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oid=4802757 Campfire Grill (Bear Lake) Italian Restaurant (Cottonwood Heights) https:// CHOM Burger (Provo) Cucina Deli (SLC) https://saltlakemagazine.com/ready-closeup-evolution-cucina/ The Eklektik (SLC) Elements Restaurant (Logan) Jack’s (SLC) https:// oid=4999137 Navajo Hogan (South Salt Lake) Ramen Haus (Ogden) https://saltlakemagazine.com/ramen-haus-opens-ogden/ Special Courses (food truck) Founder, writer and wrangler at Gastronomic SLC and The Utah Review. Stuart is largely fueled by Uinta Cutthroat, alliteration and the use of too many big words he doesn't understand.