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Maserati XXX: Most guys I deal with like my ass, but that’s probably because their black, he he he. Maserati XXX: So maybe if more white guys hit on me, my boobs would get way more personal attention . Yet, no matter how modest I try to be, I often times still look like a slut. BNC.admin: did you ever flash them for a drink or something?! I used to think it was stupid, until one super horny night, I actually made him cum off of me doing it. Maserati XXX: Ever since that I was determined to make him cum with my tits. So now because of that experience I do not swallow. Maserati XXX: Yes, I was having a lot of sex before porn, so when I got on set, it was like riding a bike. No acting…..unless I am really not attracted to the guy. so, how often did you have sex than, and how often do you have sex now?! Not that I mind, but I have more access to it now, so I’d say I have waay more sex now than before. I just don’t have access to them, and they just don’t seem to hit on me. BNC.admin: ok, I’ll keep this in mind in case I ever get to meet you in person… Maserati XXX: I prefer a guy with a big cock and good sex skills. BNC.admin: what are the things that you haven’t done yet, and would love to try in front of the cameras?! Now that I have my new found liking for women, I’ve been trying to find a girl for my bf and I to have fun with. I’ve definitely tried it numerous times, but every time has been unsuccessful. Maserati XXX: Don’t get me wrong, I am fascinated by it, but it just doesn’t work for me. It’s a fantasy of mine, but I haven’t found any two men mature enough or worth it. And I come from a small town, so I’m sort of like a big deal.