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Lefrak City, Queens Yo this is Akinyele with my mans Complextion and Right now we representing all the guys with more than ten dollars in They pocket who still gone be playin even though they not payin for the Whole night. J tip straight tryin to duece a nigga That's why I don't believe in holidays, or meeting your moms, eating Out, a restaurant or taking your ass to that prom I'm straight up like the collar on the foreigns Living like our daughters are runnin ones Perion Ladies fucking men for money all night long but that's foul like a nigga Eating swan while reading the Qu'ran The fire run game on they brain You cats is dying died her up in the Ramada With eight bitches and a pie pizza filled with anchilates And all ya'll girls can have a slice on me Cause tonight me and my people we fucking for free (chorus) You know how it is on these streets tryin' to make a million If I was talkin square biz I'd be out sellin' Cicilians Imagine I would pay for all the girls I fucked I'd be broke as fuck with a broken heart Plus I can't fuck now what the fuck type of shit is that in this Position cause I was trickin like a magician Girls in the world tryin to take your bread Put your wallet in your hat nigga and hold your head It's the Akinyele, you know I rock well Girl I get up in that ass like K.