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Hotel Beach Shower", "Quickie: Scared of Thunder", "Quickie: The Waterpark Boy", "Returning the Favor", "Room Service", "Samantha's New Team", "The Car Wash Girls", "The Census Worker", "The Country Bus Stop", "The Day I Became a Doctor", "The Invisibility Spell", "The Laundromat Experience", "The Little League Shower and the Coach's Daughters: Bats, Balls, Mitts", "The Little League Shower and the Coach's Daughters: Me and Chad", "The Little League Shower and the Coach's Daughters: The Discovery", "The Lurker", "The Lurker: Kids in the Woods", "The Neighbor's Granddaughter", "The Neighbor's Granddaughter, part 2: Community Pool", "The Reluctant Camper", "The Soccer Score", "The Store Owner's Daughter", "The Substitute", "The Swimming Goggles", "The Value of A College Education", "Therapy Essay: I Was 10 When It All Started", "Unexpected Perks, ch 2", "Unexpected Perks: RSO Version", "Wanted Side Effects", "Young Dorm Peekers"....(10, 10, 11, 11, 118, 118, 12, 1210, 1210, 14, 16, 17, 177, 3some, 8, 9, 9, 9, 9yo, Bgg, Mbg, Mbg , Mf, Mffgg, Mg, Mg, Mg, Mg, Mg, Mg, Mgg, Mgg, Mgg, Pedo, Variety, activity, b, bb, bbgg, bg, bg, but, cons, cons, cons, cons, cons, cons, curiosity, curiosity, curiosity, exhib, exhib, exhib, exhib, exhib, exhib, exhib, exhib, exhib, exhib, exhib, exhib, exhib, f, ffgg, fm, focus, g, high, m, m13F, m13f17, m13g8, m13gg10, mast, mast, mast, mast, mast, mb/g, mbb, mg, mg, mg, mg, mg, mgg, mggg, no, on, oral, oral, oral, oral, oral, oral, oral, oral, oral, oral, pedo, pedo, play, sex, sex, sex, sex, teasers, touching, voy, voy, voy, voy, voy, Pedo m f b g no activity mbb bbgg mg 16 118 exhib mast voy oral cons Mg Mgg 811 play exhib oral cons voy Mgg 9 11 exhib mast oral cons Mg 9 gb 9 6 mostly voy mast Mg 10 yo seduction oral sex cons Mb 9yo voy exhib mast oral cons Mb 11 Mg 9 bg exhib oral cons Mg 11 oral cons bg Mg exhib mast oral cons Mgg 9 6 exhib mast oral cons Mf Mg 12 8 voy oral explore cons sex mf mb mg fg 717 oral anal cons Mg 10 or Mf 13 oral mast cons Mg 10 Mg exhib oral g9 b1113 voy exhib mast oral/ g M voy/ g9g11 mast b12g9 expose play sex g9 b12 voy mast Mb Mg bg spank exhib oral Mg bg 108 exhib oral cons Mg 10 exhib oral sex innocent Mg Mggg mg MMmggg slow exhib voy oral sex gangbang Mg mg Mf voy exhib cons mastb oral Mg 10 interracial mast oral cons Mg 8 Mf 12 Mg 9 Mgg 10 Mf 13 exhib mast oral cons Mfggg 22 14 11 9 7 exhib oral sex cons mild pain mg 16 10 slow exhib mast fondling oral cons EPILOGUE M mg voy Mg 12yo cons oral M g 812 yo Mgg exhb oral cons Mgg exhib mast oral)....author of "A Jilted Mother", "A Perilous Storm, Ch 01: Dire Necessity", "A Perilous Storm, ch 2: Ice Palace", "A Perilous Storm, ch 3: Another Wicked Night", "A Perilous Storm, ch 4: Naughty Girls", "A Perilous Storm, ch 5: One in a Trillion", "A Perilous Storm, ch 6: Facing Destiny", "A Perilous Storm, ch 7: Custody Challenge", "A Perilous Storm, ch 8: Family Values", "Back of the Bus, ch 1: Where the Sluts Sit", "Back of the Bus, ch 2: Sluts At Home", "Back of the Bus, ch 3: Visiting Sluts", "Back of the Bus, ch 4: Preteen Perversity", "Back of the Bus, ch 5: Twisted Sister", "Back of the Bus, ch 6: Problem Child", "Back of the Bus, ch 7: Degenerates", "Back of the Bus, ch 8: Clever Daughter", "Bath Night", "Blind Date - Baby Bimbos, ch 1: Dumb Date", "Blind Date - Baby Bimbos, ch 2: Silly Accident", "Blind Date - Baby Bimbos, ch 3: Clever Exercises", "Blind Date - Baby Bimbos, ch 4: Dumb Decision", "Blind Date - Baby Bimbos, ch 5: Smart Parenting", "Boarding School Holiday, ch 1: Home on Holiday", "Boarding School Holiday, ch 2: Twisted Legacy", "Boarding School Holiday, ch 3: Destiny and Hope", "Boarding School Holiday, ch 4: Perfect Nanny", "Boarding School Holiday, ch 5: Best Friends", "Boarding School Holiday, ch 6: Back to School", "Changing Families", "Christmas Wishes, ch 01: Jolly Old Saint Nicholas", "Cinnamon Twists, ch 1: Good Security", "Cinnamon Twists, ch 2: Good Health", "Cinnamon Twists, ch 3: Getting Even", "Cinnamon Twists, ch 4: Dressing Up For Daddy", "Cinnamon Twists, ch 5: Pearls and Panic", "Cinnamon Twists, ch 6: Home Alone", "Cinnamon Twists, ch 7: A Taste of Honey", "Cinnamon Twists, ch 8: Wild Weekend", "Cinnamon Twists, ch 9: Cinnamon Girl", "Daughter's Big Surprise", "Day Care Night Shift", "Family Practice - Diligent Daddy, part 1", "Family Practice - Diligent Daddy, part 2", "Family Practice - Diligent Daddy, part 3", "Father's Day Surprise", "Heat in The Valley", "It's the Great Pumpkin, Richie Grey!