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and adj.)Fleshlightflier for one who flies; flyer for the circular/paper Frappuccino; Frapfreshman 15friend zone (n.); friend-zone (v.)Frisco (acceptable on second reference for San Francisco)frontman, frontwoman Froot Loops (not Fruit Loops)froyofsociety, (Fsociety in headlines, but avoid if possible)fuckup (n.), fuck up (v.), fucked-up (adj.) Gambia (not the Gambia or The Gambia)Gchat GEDgel (v.)genderqueer Generation X, Gen X'er GIF/GIF'd (v.); GIFs, GIFable (pronounced gif with a hard G, NOT like the peanut butter Jif)GIF set Girl Scout Cookiegirly (as a synonym for girlish); girlie (featuring scantily clad women)glowstick god: Cap only if explicitly referring or alluding to a deity; lowercase otherwise, especially in common phrases ("Thank god she was OK," "Oh god, he thought," "And god knows we needed all the help we could get")god-awfulgoddamn (per Merriam-Webster), goddamnit, goddamnedgonna (not gunna)goodbyegood Samaritan Google (preferred over Google Plus)google (v.); Google (n.); google-able goosebumpsgravesitegray (not grey)grown-up (as n.