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Draco would play music, make stars dance on the ceiling with his wand, rub Scorpius’s back, read stories, fetch stuffed animals, Charm the room dark, Charm the room light again when it was “too dark! We don’t want to alienate potential clients, even if a quick fuck is a complete waste of my brilliant compatibility charms.”“Who are you to decide what’s a waste? “Orgasms are never a waste.”“For the love of Circe, stop talking about orgasms. “I like it, but are you sure you want to go with connotations of literal fire? But sure, come through.”Ginny’s face disappeared, then the Floo roared and she stepped out. She basically acted like a nosy fan the entire time.”Ginny grimaced. ” Harry asked, eager to change the subject.“They’re good. His kid’s Albus’s age, you know.”“Yeah—” Ginny said, but just then Hermione jumped to her feet.“Ginny, can you help me with something in the kitchen?