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I am a Capricorn women and I'm dating a Pisces guy and so far everything am reading about Pisces guys are soo true I mean even though I love my boyfriend he makes things so hard between I mean like when am on the phone with him and I get mad at him and instead of comforting me he just say oh okay I'll call you tomorrow and he always do the stupidest things and when I get I get about it he makes it seems like am getting for no reason and its funny because every I love him soo much with all my heart I'll do anything for him and I know he feels the same and I try to look past all the dumb things he does but I think feel like he don't try hard enough to show me how much he cares like he act as if he's afraid of showing his feelings I am a Capricorn girl and I really like this Pisces guy who is ending things with his wife who he says he is no longer in love with.