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Here we report the complete genome sequence of the Iceman and show 100% concordance between the previously reported mitochondrial genome sequence and the consensus sequence generated from our genomic data. more ABSTRACT: Pdf copy of a power point presentation summarizing selected aspects on Late Neolithic/Chalcolithic Europe, focusing mainly upon the Ice Man, with text and images, and accompanying an in-class, video/dvd viewing of PBS/NOVA: "Iceman Murder Mystery" (also available online via https:// Both the video/dvd viewing and power point presentation form the main sources from which students are asked to extract answers/data regarding 12 culture response questions on (1) early searchers, (2) the nature of the evidence, (3) more recent survey and excavation projects, (4) dating methods and chronology, (5) social organization, (6) the associated environment, (7) subsistence and diet, (8) technology, (9) trade and exchange, (10) cognitive archaeology, art, and religion, (11) bioarchaeology, and (12) why and how did things change.